My first Ruby on Rails Project

I spent the week between Christmas and New Year’s building my first Rails app with a lot of help from the simply amazing Rails Tutorial. I’m a big fan of Michael Hartl’s approach to technical sophistication (googling stuff, being comfortable with not understanding everything you read in the code, and just being resourceful enough to Continue Reading =>


Google Tag Manager and Turbolinks in Ruby on Rails

I’m pretty new to Ruby on Rails (and coding in general), but I finally got my first little app up and running and so naturally I wanted to add Google Tag Manager to it so I could track traffic to it. Turns out that the Turbolinks gem doesn’t play well with GTM. I googled around Continue Reading =>


Extracting URL strings into Google Tag Manager

I’ve been teaching myself JavaScript in the last few weeks to up my GTM implementation skills, so I thought I’d share some examples of how I’ve used it. This one is for pulling out the sub-directory from the URL to use in an event. This came in handy for me when implementing Mixpanel a couple Continue Reading =>


Connect more, collect less

I read this on Seth Godin’s blog a couple years ago and I think it fits nicely with last month’s post on the What, How, Why approach to analytics: Without a doubt, the ability to connect the dots is rare, prized and valuable. Connecting dots, solving the problem that hasn’t been solved before, seeing the Continue Reading =>


The What, How, Why Approach to Conversion Rate Optimization

This is a simple way to model your thinking about how to approach a website and breathe life into your analytics numbers. It’s how I approach things and I don’t think it’s terribly original, but I wanted to clarify my thinking on my approach, so here we are. Let’s say we’re looking at the homepage Continue Reading =>