About Robert Carter

I’ve been working in the digital marketing field for over ten years and currently work for as the senior web analyst for Making Waves, a Swedish digital agency.

I do analytics and conversion rate optimization for U.S. and Scandinavian clients. Before this role, I was the agency lead for conversion rate optimization at envisionit media in Chicago.

I analyze web data and design to make websites convert more and to make users happier. I’m also in charge of some killer Google Tag Manager implementations and love to break down a sites UX issues and test test test to get the conversion rate up.

I believe that one slide with one great insight is 1000x more valuable than 50 slides of meaningless data. And I love what I do.

I’m Google Analytics certified and I’m fluent in Spanish and conversational in French.

Coding Projects

Simple websites that I’ve built as I learn JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.


Tools and analytics for fantasy baseball. I’m growth hacking / product managing it and my cousin, John Sparwasser is building it.


My first Ruby on Rails project. With a lot of help from the Rails Tutorial, I built a web app for writers that tracks your daily writing streak.


A simple site built in JavaScript to generate a link to a Google Calendar event.

Other Stuff

I’m also a writer, director, and filmmaker and you can find that work on my filmmaking site.

You can contact me here.