Understand Type I and Type II errors in less than five seconds

  From FlowingData.com via Marginal Revolution.


Calculating the ROI of Conversion Rate Optimization: Back-of-the-envelope Edition

How much should you invest in conversion rate optimization (CRO)? Should you invest in it all? Will it be a big waste of money? As biased as I am, the answer for me is not always “yes, you should invest in CRO!” The opportunity costs of a single test or an entire testing program and Continue Reading =>


How to take a screenshot of an entire webpage

Need to take a screenshot of an entire page? The Webpage Screenshot plugin for Chrome is perfect. I love that you can also use it to mark up the image, take notes, etc. A great little tool for picking apart a page.


Why aren’t people scrolling down the page?

One of the nifty features of CrazyEgg is the scroll map, which shows you how far down the page visitors are scrolling (hint: the further down the page, the fewer people there are). Sometimes you’ll see a particularly harsh drop off below the mystical fold, which could mean one of two things (that I can Continue Reading =>


What I’m reading this week

This made me think… One Trick Ponies Get Shot. A gut-punch of a dissection of the way most digital agencies work and a better way to do things, how to create an actual marketing strategy and overcome the diminishing marginal returns of channel-specific tactics. I was going to write up all my thoughts on it, Continue Reading =>